Barazeq production machine

Barazeq production machine

The machine is made of food-grade stainless steel
• Intended for tough dough
• Equipped with a pistachio basin to supply the product
with pistachios
• Equipped with a sesame basin
• Possibility to put pistachios directly on the product
• The diameter of the barazek piece is 4 cm and its weight
are 5 grams
• Tray size 80*60
• Possibility to put 6 trays in the machine row
• Possibility to control product sizing on demand
• Productivity 30 km/h
• Touch screen to control the machine
• Equipped with a dough trough for Barazek
• The machine is equipped with a PLC to control the
components of the machine
• SHNIDER Cutters and Kondoctors made in Germany
• Inverters brand DELTA
• YILMAZ brand engines made in Turkey
• The machine was built to suit the pressures of work
• The size of the machine is 250 * 120 * 120 cm

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