Cheese cooker

Cheese cooker

It is used to prepare and homogenize food, such as:
Hummus, cream
Processed cheese
All kinds of fresh cheese preparations
Baby food
Butter preparations
Mayonnaise, ketchup
The possibility of switching from one product to another within a short period
Made of 304 food grade stainless steel
The top cover is closed tightly
Designed to open and close easily
An opening to add ingredients and flavors while cooking
Serrated blades in stainless steel cooker bowl for mixing
The blades are detachable and equipped with a mechanical seal
The possibility of tilting the bowl 100 degrees for emptying and cleaning
The capacity is approximately (400) liters per batch
The operating temperature in the bowl is 0 – 96°C
The batches time is controlled by a timer in the electrical panel

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