Maamoul Production Line

Maamoul Production Line

Maamoul and stuffed pastry production machine

  • We used food-grade 304 stainless steel which is licensed
    for use for such machines
  • Basin capacity 7K.G
  • Production of 130 K.G or 100 and above (up to 4000 pieces)
    depends on the weight of the piece
  • Date basin balance for half the quantity
  • The ability to provide the line with a basin
    for pistachios to be added under the product
  • Add pistachio and walnut filling
  • The weight of the piece is from 18g to 70g
  • Equipped with a control screen and PLC to
    control the machine elements
  • Supports Arabic and Turkish or on request

tray decanter machine

  • The machine is entirely made of stainless steel
  • The machine accommodates 14 trays in stock
  • Equipped with four motors, one of which is a servo motor
    (Delta servo motor and the rest of the Yilmaz motors are Turkish)
  • Control screen + PLC to control the movements of the machine Delta
  • Equipped with a precise observation photocell made in Italy
  • The speed of the machine is proportional to the gasket (the ability to control the speed)
  • Machine size (length 140 cm, width 120 cm, height 140 cm)
  • Operates on 220 volts of electricity

Maamoul Forming Machine

  • The machine is made of food-grade stainless steel
  • Screen + PLC to control machine elements
  • Easily change the template
  • Conveyor belt to control the speed of entry and exit
  • High-precision photocell for the stamping stage
  • Separate belt seal stage
  • 2 multi-shape molds with the machine
  • Other molds can be added in any shape and size
    upon request
  • The mold is made of aluminum and can withstand
    the pressures of working for a long time
  • 40ground mold
  • A second shape mold on request, weighing 25 g
  • Equipped with a thermostat that is controlled by
    the dashboard
  • Operates on 220 volts of electricity
  • Machine size (length 150 cm and width 60 cm
    and a height of 110 cm)

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